10 Awesome Laravel Packages for your PHP Web Application

by jay patel

There have been many awesome packages created. In this article I'll give a quick round up of the top 10 Laravel Packages that I have been using recently.

You will be able to add them to your Laravel project very easily. These packages provide great functionality that you will be required to add in various projects.

Here check the List of Top 10 Laravel Packages:

1. Modules

2. Laravel Debugbar

3. Laravel Activity Log

4. JWT Auth Package

5. Laravel Js Validation

6. Laravel Backup

7. Laravel IDE Helper

8. patie permissions 

9. RESTfull API Client and Server

10. Multi-tenant

Now Undestand Each Best laravel framework packages in Details:


If You are building a bigger app than Hello Word. Start working with modules. Separating application function in modules is very recommended. Keep module entities, controllers, views, routes, configs etc in one place. What else? Later it’s easier to transfer modules between apps.


  • Code encapsulation
  • Order in the code
  • Easier code transfer between apps
  • Code Generation— module, controllers, entities etc.
This awesome package can be found at: Modules


Laravel Debugbar

Laravel Debugger

Lastly, when it comes to debugging your application or optimizing it for primetime, you'll definitely want to install this package. The Laravel debugbar ads a developer bar to your application so you can see queries, stack traces, and errors that may arise in the current request you are making to your app.

Laravel Debugger

This awesome package can be found at: Laravel Debugbar


Laravel Activity Log

Most of data administrators want to have all information about users activity. This package allows to easily track what and when Your users are creating, updating entities. Plus — this package keeps information about changes between entity versions — just wow.


  • Easy to implement on Entity.
  • Keeps all info about create and update with times and users.
  • Can logs custom information (login, logout etc)
This awesome package can be found at:Laravel Activity Log


JWT Auth Package

Laravel JWT auth packages

Next, if you want to build a mobile version of your application you will probably need to create authentication over an API. Using the JWT-auth package for Laravel will make this process super easy.

This awesome package can be found at: JWT Auth Package


Laravel Js Validation

I really like this one. Automatic front validation base on request object sound good right? It’s always better to write less code — lazy way.


  • Generates Front-End validation base on request obejct.
  • No Javascript coding required
  • jax validation supported (Unique, Exists, Custom Validation Rules
  • Translations
This awesome package can be found at: Laravel Js Validation


Laravel Backup

This Laravel package creates a backup of all of your files in your application. It creates a zip file that contains all files in the directories you specify along with a dump of your database. Backup can be stored on any file-system.

Laravel Backup

This awesome package can be found at: Laravel Backup


Laravel IDE Helper

This package does not extend Laravel in any way but it is very useful when developing Laravel applications with IDE’s like PhpStorm. These IDE’s do not type-hint Laravel facades. This package generates a file that your IDE can understand, so it can provide auto-completion. It generates a file based on the files in your project, so it is always up-to-date.

Laravel IDE Helper

This awesome package can be found at: Laravel IDE Helper


Spatie Permission

If You don’t know Spatie, You should start checking them immediately! Great company. Spatie Roles & Permission is one of there best permissions package.


  • Roles
  • Permissions
  • Direct Permissions
  • Middleware
  • Multiple Blade Directives
  • Artisan commands
This awesome package can be found at: Spatie Permission


RESTfull API Client and Server

Laravel Restfull API services

This particular package is an add-on for Sximo—which is covered above—and turns it into a complete web service that can be accessed through various API end points.

This means that you're going to have the ability to generate API keys for client applications, built in CRUD functionality along with the basic GET, PUT, POST, DELETE functionality, and basic authentication, as well.

This awesome package can be found at: RESTfull API Client and Server


Multi Tenant

If You are building SAAS application where every company has it’s own database, domain, subdomain and You later wan’t keep all that in one code repo. This package is for You.


  • Multiple databases
  • Multiple domains and subdomains
  • Generates apache and nginx configuration files
  • Supports Queues
  • Supports separation of files storage
This awesome package can be found at: Multi Tenant

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