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How to Manage your mobile application life cycle?

Delivering a high quality, innovative solution requires a very good understanding of the respective mobile platforms and its unique features. Our vibrant team has it all!.

With the use of mobile applications becoming a common place for the industry, managing the security of your data has never been more important.

Advanceidea infotech impart all over Mobile Application Life Cycle Management services to makes sure that your application forever stays in perfect condition.

Advanceidea infotech's Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution defines the steps to get from developer to device as the 'full application lifecycle'. Each stage of the lifecycle is important and a necessary best practice to ensure a robust and secure deployment.

Mobile Development SDLC

The lifecycle of mobile development is largely no different than the SDLC for web or desktop applications. As with those, there are usually 5 major portions of the process:

  • Inception - All apps start with an idea. That idea is usually refined into a solid basis for an application.
  • Design - The design phase consists of defining the app's User Experience (UX) such as what the general layout is, how it works, etc., as well as turning that UX into a proper User Interface (UI) design, usually with the help of a graphic designer.
  • Development - Usually the most resource intensive phase, this is the actual building of the application.
  • Stabilization - When development is far enough along, QA usually begins to test the application and bugs are fixed. Often times an application will go into a limited beta phase in which a wider user audience is given a chance to use it and provide feedback and inform changes.
  • Deployment - Often many of these pieces are overlapped, for example, it's common for development to be going on while the UI is being finalized, and it may even inform the UI design. Additionally, an application may be going into a stabilization phase at the same that new features are being added to a new version.

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