Laravel 5.7.23- Again What’s New in Laravel 5.7?

by jay patel

The Laravel team and contributors released Laravel v5.7.23 on 29th Jan 2019, along with a fix release for the ResetPassword  notification in v5.7.24.

The bulk of the new changes are in v5.7.23:

First, the AbstractPaginator::getOptions()  was added to retrieve the original paginator options which are now stored in an $options  property.

Next, an orWhere proxy method was added for scopes in the EloquentBuilder, with a new class introduced to Illuminate\Support  called HigherOrderBuilderProxy  to proxy scope calls onto the query builder. Given the scopes one, two, and three, you can write the following:



$model ->newQuery ( )

-> one( )

-> orWhere->two( )

-> orWhere->three( );



You can now configure the app  path for your application, which was previously only possible through subclassing the Application  class. In the bootstrap/app.php  file after the application instance is created:



$app  =  new  Illuminate\Foundation\Application (

$_ENV [ ' APP_BASE_PATH ' ] ?? dirname ( __DIR__ )


$app -> useAppPath ( __DIR__  .  ' / .. / src / App ' ) ;



The last new feature in v5.7.23 is a configuration for the stack  logger:



' stack '  =>  [

' driver ' =>  ' stack ' ,

' channels '  =>  [ ' single ' ] ,

' ignore_exceptions '  =>  true ,

] ,



When set to true, the handlers are wrapped in Monolog’s  WhatFailureGroupHandler  handler. Their wrapper/special handlers documentation  describes this handler as follows:

This handler extends the GroupHandler ignoring exceptions raised by each child handler. This allows you to ignore issues where a remote tcp connection may have died, but you do not want your entire application to crash and may wish to continue to log to other handlers.


Next, v5.7.24 was tagged to fix the ResetPassword  notification’s call to  Lang::getFromJson(). See the PR #27351 for details. Users should upgrade to v5.7.24.

You can see the full list of fixes below, and the whole diff between 5.7.22 and 5.7.23on GitHub. 

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